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Getting professional help

Welcome to my new website.

I created one myself a while back but it wasn't quite what I needed. So I decided to get professional help from someone with experience and know-how. She really listened to what I wanted and made it a reality. I love it. Thank you Heather!

It struck me that it's often like that for my clients. They are going through a difficult time but they try and manage it on their own without any professional help. Sometimes they are feeling quite negative about themselves. It's a pretty tough call to give yourself empathy and try to make yourself feel better if you are your own worst critic.

Going it alone only got them so far, so when they come to me they have often been struggling for quite a while. After their first session they recognise that talking with a professional counsellor feels so much better than trying to work it all out alone and they're relieved they reached out.

I understand the desire to do it for yourself, after all it took me quite a while to get professional help for my new website. But it was the best thing I did.

Maybe it's time you reach out and try a session with a counsellor?

Visit my contact page to get in touch to arrange a no-obligation introductory appointment, or a phone call. I would love to hear how I may be of help to you.


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