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Fiona counsellor in West Bridgford, Beeston and Wollaton


I’m Fiona Ryan MBACP, a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist working with adults of all ages in Nottingham.


When you feel overwhelmed by your situation or confused about how to move forward and thrive, I can help.

How I can help you

There are times when things seem too much to handle on your own, like when you’re grieving a loss, having relationship difficulties or feeling alone or rejected.

You might be coping with anger, feelings of not being good enough as you are, or loss of trust after harmful experiences.

You don’t need to go through this on your own.

Talk to me about what you’re struggling with and you’ll be heard and understood without judgement. Counselling with me can help you develop self-empathy, accept yourself more fully and see your current situation and past experiences differently.

You might discover you like yourself more than you knew or that you’re stronger than you thought. Then you can begin to tap into your self-knowledge and trust your inner -wisdom. Empowered by new self-belief, you can uncover your own unique path through the pain, a way forward that feels good to you.

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