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About Me

I love being a therapist. 


In my previous work in Human Resources, I found the most rewarding aspect was when someone was in difficulty and needed to be listened to and understood. These felt like the moments when I made the most difference. I wanted to spend more time doing that, so for 2 years, I committed all my time to studying and training as a counsellor. It was the best decision I could have made, it feels so good to know I am using my time doing what I am best at and I would love to offer some of that time to you to support you with whatever you are struggling with.

During my training, I did my placement at a not-for-profit counselling service and I'm still involved with the project now. This continues to broaden my experience in working with people living with a wide variety of difficulties. Many have experienced trauma and I’ve seen how valuable counselling is in helping the healing process begin and continue. I can bring that experience into our sessions as I come to understand what you are struggling with.

Fiona Ryan Therapist in Nottingham, West Bridgford, Wollaton and Beeston

I have many satisfied clients and I find great satisfaction in being of help to people when they are struggling and really need someone to listen and understand. I am ready to listen to you.

How I can help you

Maybe you had been happily getting on with your life and everything seemed fine, then suddenly something turned it all upside down and things began to unravel. Perhaps you were surprised that a relatively small thing could have caused this.

Confidentiality is important to me so I will only share a few general things about the clients I have worked with. What I can share is that have seen people, possibly like yourself, who had been living with anxiety or depression for years and coping well, but it then started to worsen, affecting their relationships and other aspects of their lives, so they decided it was time to address it more directly. 

Counselling helped them and could also help you to understand why you've been deeply affected by your experiences and give you confidence to find a way to cope. Talking with me about what you've been struggling with is a good way to start to feel better.

Roseberry Topping


An iconic feature of the North Yorkshire landscape, where I'm from. I've lived in Nottingham for 16 years

Photo of a hilly landscape

My experience

I have experience working one-to-one with people over 18 who are struggling with:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief

  • Healing from past trauma

  • Effects of sexual violence

  • Effects of controlling or coercive relationships

  • Strained relationships (working with individual clients, not couples)

How to start counselling

The person-centred approach I offer is a gentle and effective form of psychotherapy which is not widely available through the NHS. I have weekly sessions available and I’d love to hear from you and see how I can be of help.

We’ll start with a low-cost and no-obligation introductory session, after that you can decide whether you want to have more sessions. If you don’t, that’s absolutely fine. If you do, we’ll agree a regular time to have 50-minute sessions. You will be the one who decides when you feel ready to stop having counselling.

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