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It turns out I'm going fast enough

While out for a gentle run the other day I took a route along a path with trees either side that arch above. It’s beautiful, especially right now while the mayflowers are blooming. Each time I came across another person I noticed that I sped up a little, not wanting to look as slow as I was feeling that day.

At one point I heard the footsteps of someone running behind me. They seemed faster than me so I moved over to let them pass, but they didn’t pass and eventually I realised there was no one there. The footsteps were my own, echoing in the tree-tunnel.

So it turns out I was going fast enough, which made the run feel less of a slog and much more enjoyable


It seemed to me a good message for life. We can’t help comparing ourselves to others and feeling worse for it, seeing them doing more, doing it better or faster. If, instead, we could believe the good things others tell us they see in us, or notice them ourselves, we might be more impressed. Then we might find life more enjoyable.

I bet you're going fast enough too.


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